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Unified Communications Helps You Stay Productive with World Cup Fever

Posted by Jacqueline Frankish on Tue, Jun 24, 2014
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Businesses may be concerned about the impact the World Cup is having on your employees' attendance and productivity this summer. But we say: Use the tournament as an opportunity to boost morale.

Many of your employees are likely to want to follow their team's progress throughout the World Cup between June 12th and July 13th. The match schedule takes no account of working hours, with games being played at 1pm, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm throughout the tournament.
To avoid disruption caused by employees trying to follow games during working hours - it is wise to consider remote / flexible working ahead of the World Cup and have a clear and fair policy to avoid the possibility of business disruption with employees’ desire to keep up to date with scores. Unified communications should be a key component of this strategy. 

It is simply a case of creating a flexible system that allows you to retain control of your workforce, rather than carrying on as normal and risking disruption. Recent advances in the accessibility of cloud-based collaboration resources such as Google Apps and the numerous communication tools provided by Esna enable you to do this with relative ease.

And with the support of our experienced team, Esna could implement a strategy designed to yield further increases in productivity through ongoing flexible working.

A flexible working system that caters for an event that could affect so many of your employees can also have other key benefits:

  • Increases staff morale
  • Decreases turnover of staff
  • Encourages more collaboration between teams due to enhanced connectivity across the business
  • The more effectively employees can operate remotely, the more time business leaders can spend out of the business without impacting on productivity


More popular than ever

As remote working tools have become more advanced, the cyber commute to work is more popular than ever, with figures rising from 13 - 59% over the last 5 years. Business owners and employees alike are taking advantage of this new and improved way of remote working, giving their employees the freedom to enjoy the World Cup whilst ensuring work performance isn’t affected.

A recent survey found that 70% of managers reported an increase in productivity in response to flexible / remote-working and found that employees are more likely to overcompensate when working out of the office.

Embracing new systems and technologies will allow your business to grow and run more efficiently, create a more engaged workforce, boost their productivity, which leads to a healthier happier workforce.

And productivity isn’t the only reason Managers are embracing this new way of working. Not only is cloud technology allowing better collaboration, it also has potential gains for the environment. And with lowering emissions and carbon footprints being so big on the CSR agenda, it’s a serious consideration.

To find out exactly how much environmental benefit your company would gain from flexible working, here’s a useful calculator we found online. [Hyperlink to]


Work fever

Why not allow your colleagues to stay connected to work while they watch the world cup. While on one hand this might sound like the ultimate in flexible working; something that benefits employee not employer, it could hold the answer to maintaining productivity depending on your business type.

Cloud-based tools including Google Apps, communication apps from Esna and other online-based resources mean that your customers continue to receive a level of service even during those patriotic summer afternoons.

In some cases, while those who aren’t interested in soccer might still be at their desks, their productivity and ability to perform to their full capacity might be affected by the absence of a key colleague or team member.

Esna can support you with this, providing a range of collaboration tools designed to keep businesses connected remotely, and perfect for when there’s a chance a match could split your own team down the middle.

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