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Checking the Pulse of Unified Communications for Healthcare

Posted by Diane Lai on Fri, Jun 27, 2014

Perhaps no other industry relies as heavily on communication as healthcare. The excellence of healthcare unified-communications-for-healthcare-providerscommunication is paramount to the industry’s ability to provide comprehensive service to its patients. Without this capability, a healthcare provider’s reputation would be ruined. And in the world of healthcare, reputation is key, with 94 percent of prospective patients surveyed by Google saying that the reputation of a facility is important in hospital selection. “Facility” refers to any healthcare center that deals with a person’s well-being—be it a private practice, a walk-in clinic or a physical therapy center. 

 Healthcare professionals along with their IT execs need to employ communication systems that keep their businesses safe and efficient 24/7, bottom line. Cloud-based unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools can help them with these business imperatives in a number of ways:

UCC enables you to meet your patients where they are—in the digital realm. Roughly one-third of patients use tablets or mobile devices to book health appointments, according to the aforementioned Google study. And more than half of patients say they’d feel more valued via digital health communications, according to TeleVox. To optimize both your efficiency and the quality of your customer interactions, you should implement mobile endpoints and applications within your own facility. For example: 

  • Empower staff with tablets and stock them with UCC features like presence and document sharing so that patient information can be pulled up faster; responses can be sent out more quickly; and updates can be pushed out to customers in near real time.
  • Integrate your cloud-based PBX with Google Apps to leverage Google Docs and Hangouts and more.

The technology is scalable, keeping communications flexible.

Basic voice service just doesn’t cut it for an industry where lives are on the line. Upgrading your communications infrastructure is simple with UCC, and the flexible nature of the cloud enables communications to be scaled, which is critical to maintaining reputability. If you can’t keep up with demand, your facility will appear mismanaged and patients will surely go elsewhere. 

There is no haggling with complex infrastructure.

When powered by the cloud, a UCC solution can be deployed across multiple sites and provisioned seamlessly without the need for features to be replicated or for multiple integrations to take place, as is the case with legacy technology. 

UCC can enable the healthcare industry to better address organizational challenges, solve pressing issues and streamline overall operations—all of which will improve the industry’s reputation across facilities. If you’re a healthcare professional or IT decision maker, Esna wants to help. Click here to get in touch with a rep and learn more about Esna’s suite of UCC products.  

In a related article about unified communications for education, we reveal how schools are using UC&C to improve productivity and student-teacher collabortion. 

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