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Why Enterprises Everywhere Need to Pay Attention to Google’s New Apps Deal

Posted by Davide Petramala on Mon, Oct 26, 2015

Whether or not you’ve heard about the deal Google revealed this week regarding its productivity suite Google Apps for Work, allow me to fill you in on the details...

Google revealed earlier this week that it would begin allowing companies to use Google Apps for Work for free while under contract with another company (e.g., Microsoft). In other words, users can stay in their existing contract with another company, yet can try out Google Apps free of cost to see if the productivity suite can better meet their needs and expectations.

At Esna, we think this is an amazing opportunity for enterprises, as Google Apps for Work represents a fully disruptive technology that can improve the way companies operate and perform. This new deal frees organizations from restrictions they may face due to existing vendor agreementsinto the advantages of Google Apps—particularly at a time when Google is making notable improvements to its product, e.g., adding functionalities like real-time voice transcription.

In this scenario, in which Google Apps is free of cost, an enterprise that uses Microsoft Office 365, for instance, can still have an immersive user experience with that platform; however, it can also test the value of integrating Google Apps (i.e., Gmail for email; Google Drive for document integration, content creation and team projects; and Google Hangouts for video collaboration) with internal tools like Office 365 or a CRM system like to transform communications and collaboration.

In this way, enterprises can truly have their cake and eat it, too.

And to sweeten the deal even further—the frosting on the cake, if you will—Google is also helping cover the costs associated with transitioning to Google Apps. The company will reportedly compensate its local partners per user to help companies interested in migrating to Google Apps for Work successfully do so. This should truly inspire CIOs to consider Google Apps if they haven’t already.

At Esna, we love what Google Apps is doing because it enables organizations to transition to the cloud from an on-premises solution all the more easily. At Esna, we believe it’s no longer a question of whether organizations are going to move to the cloud but rather when. The fact that Google is now enabling companies to more easily and completely move away from an on-premises solution to a more user-friendly, ubiquitous cloud solution is huge news in the enterprise collaboration space.

This new deal also makes it that much easier for organizations to seamlessly integrate and embrace real-time collaboration capabilities like click-to-call, IM/presence and voicemail-to-email transfers using embedded UC&C products, like those offered by Esna and Avaya. In this way, companies that use Google Apps (and Office 365, too) can become more productive and better communicate across organizational and geographical barriers anywhere, anytime and using any device.

The bottom line is that Google is working to create an environment that eliminates friction and drives change within the enterprise, and that’s an amazing thing. This new deal enables enterprises to temporarily bypass existing vendor agreements and embrace a world of best-of-breed communications through Google Apps. As a result, it also enables them to embrace interoperable, real-time communications solutions, like those offered by Esna and Avaya, to deliver a complete, 360-degree collaboration experience.

Regardless of whether enterprises choose to try out Google Apps or not, we at Esna encourage organizations to reassess their cloud strategy so that they can better conduct business.

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