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A Lesson on Why Educational Institutions Need Unified Communications

Posted by Diane Lai on Mon, Jun 23, 2014

From elementary schools to college, educational institutions serve as beacons of knowledge for millions unified-communications-for-educationaround the world. But while students work to broaden their educational horizons, IT decision makers should be broadening theirs, too, when it comes to the technology being used for furthering learning processes and improving staff communications.

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) tools can help educational facilities operate more smoothly and efficiently in a number of ways. If you haven’t considered the benefits of UCC, now would be an opportune time to do so. 

Top benefits of unified communications for education include a better learning experience, reduced costs and a improved communication between teachers and students. 


Seamless integration with today’s top communications platforms 

If your institution is either making the move or has already integrated with communication platforms like Google, Jive, or Cisco, you likely will need to refresh your old platform. Cloud applications like Esna Officelinx, iLink or Cloudlink bring a plethora of UCC features to enhance your existing solution. These kinds of features can include presence, IM, voice and video communication, click-to-call and call management.


Significant cost reduction

In an industry where costs are constantly being tightened in the form of extracurricular activities and secondary courses, saving on a communications solution is absolutely necessary. This is not only essential for budgetary reasons, but for persevering a healthy educational environment for students. You shouldn’t waste another minute burning a hole in your pocket when integration is simpler than ever and you can be enjoying advanced UCC features near immediately.


Phenomenal features

Speaking of features, UCC solutions—like those offered by Esna—come with a striking set of unified communications capabilities, as well as standard call features that keep call quality and efficiency high. All features are easily integrated into your Google, Jive or Cisco solution, essentially transforming it into a complete communications hub.

Educators are best known for grading others on how well they do, but just how high would they mark a report card if they were grading the quality of your facility’s communications infrastructure? UCC enables you to ace the test. 

If you're considering UCC for an educational institution, you may want to read or 5 Things Your Unified Communications Provider Should Bring to the Table or download our white paper on UCC for higher ed:  Maximizing Collaborative Learning in Higher Education

  unified communications and collaboration for education whitepaper

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