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What is Esna iLink and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Jan 20, 2014

Technological advancements are happening faster and more frequently than ever before, driven by the rapid pace of innovation in the field and the ever-widening landscape of social tools for communication and collaboration. Technology just keeps getting better and better and, as it does, signals the near demise of on-premise client server hardware and software models in favor for those that are cloud-based.

Some very strong industry projections are enticing business and IT owners and decision makers to cast an eye toward the power of cloud computing for conducting business faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. In a previous post we covered some of these impressive predictions – take a look and see for yourself just how the cloud is slated to explode in 2014 and beyond. These numbers prove that it is no longer a question of if but when companies will make the move to a cloud-based solution.

Your business is no exception to the cloud movement taking place. Today’s highest performing companies are empowered with communication and collaboration at their fingertips anywhere they happen to be. This is made possible by embedding communications in key business processes and applications such as e-mail, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise social networks. One such solution that makes this possible is Esna’s suite of iLink solutions.


What is Esna iLink?

Esna iLink solutions are Chrome browser extensions that leverage HTML5 to deliver robust communication esna-ilink-for-cicso-unified-communicationstools without the need to install any desktop software. With iLink users are granted instant access to real-time communication tools such as voice, video, presence, instant messaging (IM), call control and geo-location sharing right from Chrome.

Simply put, iLink enables users to transform Google Chrome into a real-time communications hub. The solution provides a unified and consistent communications experience using the applications individuals work in everyday. Esna iLink provides instant access to familiar communications tools – such as instant messaging and presence – within every day applications. By leveraging applications that are native to users’ environments and the processes they employ, they can work smarter and faster to get more things done. 

Visit our products pages to get the specifics on iLink for Cisco, iLink for WebEx and iLink for Jive


Why Does Your Business Need It?

There are so many reasons why Esna iLink is ideal for helping businesses see a more fully baked collaboration strategy. Below is a sampling of the kind of employees that Esna’s iLink solutions cater to:

The “Too Busy to Breathe” Employee: Whether it’s a desk worker or a member of your company’s C-level suite, if you have an employee that is spinning multiple plates, iLink can help. The solution makes it possible to access all communications tools from any Web application being worked in, keeping conversations truly seamless. Users can start a voice or video conversation in one application and keep the same conversation going as they move from one application to another to complete other high-priority tasks. 


The “Sometimes Forgetful” Employee: Some colleagues are simply more prone to forgetting than others, but iLink for WebEx can put all of that to rest. iLink for WebEx is a Google Chrome extension that enables users to book WebEx meetings right from their Google Apps. With iLink for WebEx, users can schedule WebEx meetings just like any other calendar event; eliminate the need to book meetings on the main WebEx site; update WebEx automatically from users’ smartphone calendars; start an instant WebEx meeting right from a Contact Card or People Widget; and integrate Google Hangouts with the click of a button.


The “Always On-the-Go” or Remote Employee: Traveling employees, corridor and road warriors and virtual/at-home employees make up a huge portion of today’s dynamic, 21st century workforce. The reality today is that not every employee works in-office, and that’s where iLink for Jive can help. iLink for Jive is a one-stop cloud collaboration and communications hub that enables users to manage their voicemail from their Jive inbox. Users can listen, read, delete, save and share voice messages right from their Jive inbox, as well as see the real-time location and availability of the person that left the message.


These are just a few ways that Esna iLink solutions can make an actionable impact on the way your company gets things done. Tell us, what would you use Esna iLink solutions to accomplish?

For everything you need to know about the iLink extensions for Chrome and how they can help you get more work done in a day - download our guide to "Transform Your Chrome Browser into a Real Time Communications Hub" with iLink. 

Turn Chrome Into Your Communications Hub

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