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Two Departments You Can Begin Transforming Immediately With Video

Posted by Alex Misevski on Thu, Oct 01, 2015
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Video is a core driver of enterprise communications and collaboration, but we’re not just talking about traditional video conferencing. Today, video has evolved in such a way that business leaders can truly fire on all cylinders—that is, they can rely on the power of video for both external and internal purposes. In other words, organizations can utilize video not just for customer service but also for internal training, mentoring and educational purposes.

Consider that 80 percent of senior executives watch more online video today than they did one year ago, according to aggregated research from HubSpot. Meanwhile, 75 percent of business executives watch work-related videos at least on a weekly basis. Fifty-four percent of senior execs also share work-related videos with colleagues on a weekly basis, if not more often.

Video is clearly a must-have technology for businesses looking to capitalize on cost savings and enhance team engagement without compromising quality of service. So, where can they start honing in on video to transform internal operations? We say start with your sales and marketing departments.

At Esna, we leverage video to carry out a number of sales- and marketing-based initiatives. For instance, we use video to break down our more complex products and services to marketing and sales so that they can create more targeted campaigns and more strategically sell and nurture relationships. We also use video to continually coach and train marketing and sales on how to use our products and how they can better solve problems for other organizations. Our "Done in 60 Seconds" video playlist serves as a great example of how we use video to present solutions. 

Two Departments You Can Begin Transforming Immediately With Video  | 

On the whole, 69 percent of marketing, sales and business professionals have used video marketing, according to HubSpot. Meanwhile, another 31 percent are planning to in the near future. Specifically, 93 percent of marketers use video for sales and communication.

Indeed, video is a truly immersive form of communication; however, it is also extremely advantageous for companies that are looking to build team engagement among their remote workers. At Esna, for instance, only one of our marketing employees works at our headquarters; therefore, we rely on integrated, cloud-based tools like Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx and Avaya Scopia to collaborate.

Overall, video is a great way to capture employees’ attention, cater to their visual nature and evoke emotion that drives job performance. The technology is also a way for businesses to successfully establish a necessary human connection among remote employees. Most importantly, video holds the power for employees to better understand, share and collaborate on innovative new ideas—and that’s the definition of team engagement.

See more of our great videos that demonstrate the user experience and value of our solutions. We are proud to be among the 2015 Video Marketing Award Finalists!  Other nominees in our category are Zuora and Matthew Asia. Other nominees in other categories include, LinkedIn, Hootsuite and Act-On. 

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