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New Google Hangouts Start Button for Better Enterprise Collaboration

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, Jun 18, 2014

In this new era of technology-enabled communications, some of us find ourselves explaining to the younger generation how to hold a conversation (i.e. ask follow-up questions, avoid one-word answers) especially given advanced device integration, which has lead even the savviest of conversationalists to avoid direct human contact as they work day to night and around the globe disseminating information electronically. But how far can these kinds of arm’s length interactions go toward collaborative communications? What about your desire for a quick face-to-face conversation with a team member when you need to coalesce ideas, or, even more importantly, resolve client problems in real-time?

Google Apps has an answer to this. Earlier this month, the company launched a Hangout start button that can be integrated into any app or website, according to Stephen Cho, head of Google Apps and Hangouts Technology Partnerships on the Google Enterprise Blog. Now when you are deep in a CRM app or project management tool and you need that one-on-one or one-to-many meeting to avoid a communication vacuum and frustration, simply click on your Google App Hangout button to initiate a video chat.

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Esna Seamlessly Integrates Google+ Hangouts in Cloud Apps

Posted by Bryan Dingwall on Wed, Apr 30, 2014

Have you ever received an emailed question from a customer or colleague and realized that typing out the answer was going to take just WAY too long?  Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have a quick face-to-face video meeting to answer the question, field any follow-ons in real-time, and move on with your day?

We so hear you. That’s why we’re taking advantage of the updated Hangouts launch widget which Google announced today and added the capability to start a Google+ Hangout from anywhere through Esna.

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Topics: Google Apps, better collaboration, Hangouts

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