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Why Unified Communications & Collaboration Matters, Part II

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

Read part one of this series: Why Unified Communications & Collaboration Matters, Part I to learn more about how organizations are working more efficiently with UC&C. 


Organization efficiencies depend on how rapidly people can connect, share and act upon critical information.  Organizations that successfully facilitate the sharing of such information will consistently achieve better outcomes in a world dependent on fast, fact-based decision-making.

The set of functional capabilities necessary to rapidly share and act upon critical information can be collectively referred to as collaboration. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “the act of performing work or labor together.”

Highly collaborative environments make use of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) technology to facilitate better sharing and collaboration with an increasingly virtualized workforce.  Effective collaboration with people at disparate locations becomes an operational necessity. Demands on individual productivity combined with a growing use of portable devices means users within an organization are also increasingly mobile. Today’s technology savvy workforce need (and want) to be able to collaborate whether they are at their desks, at another location or in transit and have support for diverse content.

Effective collaboration isn’t just about putting people in touch with one another. It’s about empowering them to exchange easily to share knowledge and content with one another. Sometimes it’s a brief chat.  Other times, it could be jointly working on a document or presentation.

UC&C fosters better enterprise collaboration with productivity tools such as:

  • Presence:  see another person’s status and availability in real-time to connect faster and avoid phone and email tag.

  • Chat and IM: may seem old-fashioned, but IM and chat are still powerful tools used to quickly connect with others.

  • Find-me, follow me: avoid missing important calls when you are out of the office by routing calls to other devices based on your location.

  • Geolocation: makes it easier to locate someone  by showing  their real time location on a map

Continue on to part three of this series: Why Unified Communications & Collaboration Matters, Part III to see how UC&C enables organizations to be more nimble and collaborative.


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Topics: effective communication, unified communications, better collaboration

Why Unified Communication & Collaboration Matters, Part I

Posted by Lee Ho on Thu, Apr 04, 2013

Communications is a key factor in conducting business effectively.  Any tweaks to streamline communication services produces positive results in efficiency across the organization.  When people can get quick answers from one another and avoid playing phone tag – productivity increases.

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Topics: effective communication, unified communications, better collaboration

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