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The High Cost of Doing Nothing: Why You Need to Reassess Your Communications Strategy Before it’s Too Late

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Nov 30, 2015

Your enterprise is gearing up for the start of a new year, making now perhaps the best time to reassess the communications and collaboration technology that you have in place. With each new year your organization continues to grow and evolve; your platforms and processes should be adapting and changing, as well. Research shows that there could be serious repercussions of doing nothing—that is, turning a blind eye to your organization’s evolving communication needs.

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Unlock Enterprise Freedom This Fourth of July

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, Jul 01, 2015

The Fourth of July is right around the corner for those of us here in the U.S. Besides hot dogs, hamburgers and fireworks, I got to thinking about how important independence is, especially in the workplace. Independence can fuel innovation. It helps to identify the next company hero by allowing people to come up with new and different ways to solve problems.

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Evolution of Communications [Infographic]

Posted by Sindi Markette on Mon, Jun 29, 2015

Step inside Esna’s time machine and observe the unique evolution of communications over the last 15 years. Explore in this infographic the massive proliferation of Internet users since the start of the new millennium; the unprecedented growth of tried and true enterprise communication methods; and the undeniable emergence of new collaboration services and how they are ushering in the next generation of communication-enabled business applications. 

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Is Communication Technology Distracting You from Getting Work Done?

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, May 20, 2015

From traditional communication methods like phone and email to more advanced, cloud-based tools like IM, presence and video conferencing, technology is and always will be at the heart of enterprise communications and collaboration.

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3 Questions Every Manager Should Ask to Improve Internal Collaboration

Posted by Diane Lai on Tue, Apr 14, 2015

As a department head or manager, you are entrusted with the difficult job of unifying a team of employees to work toward one collective goal. For example, for a sales team, this goal might involve closing 10 deals in one month. Or, for a marketing team, it may be increasing the company’s email open rates by 5 percent within a given time frame.

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Esna and Jabra Team up to Make Communicating Faster and Easier

Posted by Laurie Myer on Wed, Feb 18, 2015

We’re excited to share news of a new partnership between Jabra and Esna. Jabra is a leading manufacturer of intelligent headset and speakerphone solutions, and we’ve just announced that Esna iLink for Cisco™ Jabber now enables full call control directly from Jabra headsets. This integration, using a newly released WebSocket interface within the headset software, lets us revolutionize how people use a traditional desktop softphone.

By connecting Cisco Jabber with the Jabra headset, customers will get the benefits of both a traditional phone and a softphone. They can answer and end calls, dial using a keypad, mute or change volume, and have a call ring through their phone rather than through the computer, all without having to navigate a softphone application.  

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