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The High Cost of Doing Nothing: Why You Need to Reassess Your Communications Strategy Before it’s Too Late

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Nov 30, 2015

Your enterprise is gearing up for the start of a new year, making now perhaps the best time to reassess the communications and collaboration technology that you have in place. With each new year your organization continues to grow and evolve; your platforms and processes should be adapting and changing, as well. Research shows that there could be serious repercussions of doing nothing—that is, turning a blind eye to your organization’s evolving communication needs.

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Prevent Your Team From Losing Focus This Summer with Collaboration

Posted by Alex Misevski on Mon, Aug 03, 2015

Employers have a more difficult time keeping a fire lit under their teams during the sunny days of summer. In employees’ eyes, the season offers up prime conditions for taking advantage of paid time off to travel or just relax in vacation mode. Many companies even support summer enjoyment by decreasing Friday work hours.

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Topics: employee happiness, Productivity, collaboration tools

Creativity and Productivity: Complementary or Contradictory?

Posted by Lee Ho on Thu, Jul 30, 2015

In the world of enterprise collaboration, employers should be keeping a close eye on hiring and nurturing employees who are characterized as being creative thinkers. There are common traits that these highly creative people embody in comparison to others who may be a bit more technical. In a recent article covering the subject, the Huffington Post described these creative types as being hyper-observational and people who seek experiences and ask questions in order to see the big picture, for example.

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Topics: employee happiness, Productivity, collaboration tools

You May Not Be Productive Working Remotely, But Your Team May Be

Posted by Sindi Markette on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

One’s ability to work remotely depends on his or her position within the company. For example, it can be difficult for Managers, Directors or C-level executives to work outside of the office. Although these people frequently work outside of the office while traveling to meet with prospects, collaborate with partners and network with other thought leaders, during a regular workday these leaders’ should be on-premises in order to effectively oversee operations, direct and influence company culture and ensure team unity.

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Topics: Productivity, collaboration tools, remote workers

No More Cut and Paste - Esna iLink for WebEx Now Integrates with Microsoft Office 365

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, Jul 08, 2015

What can be more annoying and time consuming than having to schedule a WebEx meeting on, email the meeting details to yourself, open that email, highlight and copy the meeting details, open your calendar, create a new meeting and paste those details in your invite?

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Topics: Productivity, collaboration tools, enterprise mobility

How Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Can Deceive You—Part 2

Posted by Alex Misevski on Mon, Apr 06, 2015

In Part 1 of this series, we explored the reasons that many business owners feel a “false sense of accomplishment” with their enterprise collaboration strategies: They are using the wrong collaboration tools—specifically, consumer-driven social tools like Facebook and Twitter.

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Topics: business communications, collaboration tools, collaboration strategy

How Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Can Deceive You—Part 1

Posted by Alex Misevski on Fri, Apr 03, 2015

ResearchandMarkets predicts that the global enterprise collaboration market will grow from $47.3 billion in 2014 to $70.61 billion by 2019. This market growth clearly indicates that business owners are investing in collaboration tools to improve internal communications, streamline operations and identify new revenue and growth opportunities. But in what kinds of collaborative tools are business owners investing? And are these investments really helping them to accomplish their end goals?

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Topics: business communications, collaboration tools, collaboration strategy

Business and IT Must Align Over Mobile Collaboration or Lose Competitive Edge

Posted by Diane Lai on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

It’s a fact: Mobile business users and IT are woefully misaligned when it comes to taking advantage of the mobile revolution. The latest industry research on mobile enterprise collaboration bears this out. According to “The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration 2014 report from, IT reports much higher availability of tools and business applications on mobile across all categories than their business counterparts. As well, IT is investing in business applications on mobile devices that are not aligned with the stated needs and priorities of their business equivalents.

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Topics: mobile, BYOD, collaboration tools

SMB Cloud Computing to Double by 2020: What You Need to Know

Posted by Diane Lai on Fri, Dec 05, 2014

Right now, 37 percent of small businesses have implemented cloud technology to stay competitive. This number will more than double by 2020, to 78 percent, according to a new study by Emergent Research. This increase will be driven by a shift in how small businesses use the technology within the constraints of the economy. Emergent breaks down these users into four categories that describe their cloud usage:

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Topics: mobile, cloud computing, collaboration tools

Gartner: Enhance Productivity with Enterprise Collaboration Tools

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Dec 01, 2014

Collaboration is a key differentiating factor for your business; it’s how your employees put their heads together to identify innovative business strategies, profitable new campaigns, and ways to drive your company’s bottom line. But how are employees connecting to collaborate in these ways? A unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) platform offered by a best-in-class solution provider is a great place to start.

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