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Busy Professionals Need the Power of Speed for Effective Collaboration

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, Jun 25, 2014

Most of us know the story of Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. Created by Warner Bros. back in the unified-communications-and-collaboration-speed-of-cloud-computing1940s, the always-hungry Coyote constantly chases the speedy Road Runner through the desert. But the Road Runner always outpaces his rival, leaving Coyote reaching for air.

The Road Runner’s shrewd counterattacks and avoidance of harm in a volatile setting can be very reflective of today’s next-generation workplace. During the workday, employees want to be just like the Road Runner—too fast to catch, leaving competitors in the dust. But with outdated communications platforms and traditional collaboration techniques, some companies have come dangerously close to having the anvil drop on their heads. 

To avoid the mischievous “coyotes” in your marketplace, and build more effective collaboration, stay on top of the following four areas:

Team Meetings: Collaboration means quickly pulling a team together for ad hoc meetings—be it audio or video—despite staff being in various locations. And you need to be able to do this without a hitch. If you encounter integration or network problems that result in dropped calls or suffering video quality, you’re going to see productivity drop and critical initiatives delayed. 

Voicemails: Those unheard voicemails, if unattended for too long, can turn into lost revenue and missed business opportunities—it’s like you’re sitting around while Wile E. Coyote sharpens his knife. Your collaboration solution should send your voicemails straight to your inbox in the form of transcribed text or an audio attachment. This way you’ll never miss a chance to make a sale or keep progress smoothly flowing.

Document Sharing: A document (say a sales brochure or an informational whitepaper) shouldn’t have to go through multiple prints and in-person edits to be reviewed, passed up the chain and polished for final approval. Advanced document sharing solutions enable employees to collaborate in real-time with just a click of a button, bringing ideas together faster and keeping priority business initiatives top of mind.

Business Applications: Your tools and technologies should enable users to easily escalate applications to a call or Web meeting. They should then be able to initiate conversations and track actions without manual logging or jumping in and out of disparate applications, both of which are huge time wasters. 

In the business world, there are many coyotes. You need the market’s fastest solutions—ones that leverage the power of cloud computing—to remain free from harm. We at Esna know that the power of speed is key, and that’s exactly why we shored up our award-winning Esna Cloudlink communication solution with new enhancements to help bridge commonly faced collaboration gaps. Click here to explore Esna Cloudlink for Cisco 5.0.

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