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Study: 84% of Companies Want to Lock in Unified Communications This Year

Posted by Lee Ho on Tue, Apr 29, 2014

Are You One of Them?

Unified communications makes daily responsibilities and tasks unbelievably simple for a ton of great reasons—something that has driven 84 percent of decision makers to deploy the technology within their own organizations. Combining all of today’s top communications channels into one centralized hub, employees have access to a one stop communications shop without having to migrate between different hardware or software when communicating and collaborating with customers, partners and colleagues.

UC simplifies business because it supports today’s 21st century working environment; one filled with employees who are traveling on the fly and departments and duties that are increasingly blending. But despite this, organizations continue to remain stagnant with fragmented communications platforms. This is perhaps the greatest barrier of all to workplace productivity.unified-communications-improve-productivity

The majority of companies are thankfully working to combat this though, with 84 percent of recently surveyed businesses planning to arm themselves with UC tools to ensure that they don’t misfire. According to the survey’s findings, 51 percent of participants are seeking audio and Web-based conferencing, 46 percent are looking for unified messaging and 40 percent require instant messaging and presence services.

But the results also (unfortunately) show that about six of 10 respondents have trouble selecting an adequate system. If you’re struggling to find a robust UC solution that caters to all of your company’s communications needs, consider the following:

Unified messaging:

There should be no issues associated with accessing and managing your voice messages—anytime, anywhere. Have to travel to that last-minute tradeshow? No problem. Need to hit the road for a client site visit? You’re covered with unified messaging, which can convert voicemail to MP3 and transcribe it to text so that you never have to miss an important message again.

Real-time presence:

Think of all the time employees waste having to get up and move across the office to engage in conversation with a coworker. With UC, information can be shared directly over a single communications channel. It is possible to see who is online, on the phone or even out to lunch so that not a single second goes lost.

Instant messaging:

Our unique instant messaging platform makes it possible to engage in group chat or in one-on-one conversations no matter where participants are located. Meetings can take place right at an employee’s desk, at-home office or while on the road instead of having to migrate into one location as a team.

For more information about how Esna can help your company achieve its UC goals, click here.


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