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Rewriting the Rules of Communication

Posted by Mohammad Nezarati on Thu, Mar 06, 2014

It’s no longer a question of if companies are moving to the cloud, it’s a matter of when. Today’s workforce mohammad_nezaratiexpects, and often demands, that the applications they use are cloud and mobile ready. When Google launched Google Apps in 2006 the team at Esna recognized a massive change was before us - consumers and businesses were moving to the cloud and we needed to be there. In 2009, Esna became the first company to integrate its unified messaging and unified communications solutions with Gmail. Since then we have watched Google Apps grow and continue to extend our integration of real time communications with Google Calendar, Google Docs, Hangouts and Google Chrome. Today more than 500,000 users have gone Esna and Google.

And our innovation continues. At this year’s Google Partner Summit, I’m pleased to announce several new solutions that go even further to communication-enable Google Apps and Chrome. We’re also delivering new developer APIs that make it possible for any Google ecosystem partner to add real time communication tools into any web application or web page. Here’s a high level overview of what we’re showing:

Contextual Collaboration in Google Drive

Esna takes collaborating with others in Google Drive to the next level by integrating real time communications and conferencing capabilities on anything stored in Drive. For example, users will be able to open any doc and Esna will detect all of the people who are collaborators and from that doc start a group chat or a audio or web conference.

Schema Support in Gmail

Esna has added schema support for missed calls and messages posted by Esna’s solutions (such as voice messages) which allow users to click an inline action in Gmail to view and listen to the message.

3rd Party PBX and Audio Conferencing Integration with Hangouts

Esna has developed a native Hangouts application which can integrate conferencing capabilities for any premise based or 3rd party conferencing server. Esna extends Google’s video Hangouts to invite voice only participants from any conferencing source, without the need for new accounts or a new process. With Esna users need only use one application to integrate any conferencing service to Hangouts.

Esna Collaboration APIs

Developers will now be able to add presence, voice, messaging and conferencing "tags" that inject dynamic content and real time communication capabilities into any web page or web application. The simplicity and power of these APIs will allow anyone to extend their web applications or portals to include collaboration actions, including “Click to Hangout” or “Click to Chat”.

These are exciting times, especially in tech. At Esna we’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and with the help of our partners and customers we are rewriting the rules of communication, one conversation at a time.


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