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Product Spotlight: Avaya Communicator for Web

Posted by Mohammad Nezarati on Wed, Nov 04, 2015

If you didn’t catch the latest installment of our “Product Spotlight” series, Esna Collaboration Specialist Alex Misevski provided insight into exciting developments being made to Esna iLink for Avaya Scopia Desktop. The solution is a browser extension available for Internet Explorer and Chrome that enables users to start and schedule online Scopia meetings across any Web page or application (i.e. Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce). You can click here to read more on this.

In continuing this series, I’d like to now cast a spotlight on Avaya Communicator for Web, another browser-based technology that facilitates truly integrated communication and collaboration.

What is Avaya Communicator for Web?

Avaya Communicator for Web is essentially a browser-based replacement for an installable communications software application. Being in the browser, this product boasts a number of advantages. For instance, it can be easily managed and deployed to a working team without the need to manage a full-time application. By their nature, browser-based applications are always up to date—that is, the latest version is always running—and so IT doesn’t have to worry about keeping users up to date with constant product upgrades.

What’s New with Avaya Communicator for Web?

At Avaya and Esna, we believe the future of enterprise communication will be directly within the Web browser. To this end, we designed Avaya Communicator for Web as a Chrome browser extension—after all, Chrome is currently the most-used browser today, with research from the federal government showing that the browser is used by nearly 35 percent of the U.S. population.

Due to its undeniable popularity and usage, what we’re seeing in the space now is many competitors adopting Chrome browser add-ons. For example, Firefox announced on its blog back in August that its new Firefox 41 version, released on September 22, would boast major changes—some largely related to Chrome add-ons.

“Our add-on ecosystem has evolved through incremental, organic growth over the years, but there are some modernizations to Firefox that require some foundational changes to support,” the organization wrote in the blog. Among these modernizations include a new extension API—WebExtensions—that will be “largely compatible” with Chrome.

In addition to this, Microsoft’s new Edge browser plans to support Chrome extensions as well. The browser is highly touted for its performance, speed and design; however, as of right now, it does not support third-party extensions. Reportedly, the browser won’t get third-party extension support until next year.  

These developments are enabling Esna to effectively extend its reach of Avaya Communicator for Web as a browser extension beyond Chrome. This enables Firefox, Edge and other compatible users to significantly increase their productivity levels by enhancing communications and collaboration across the board. That, of course, is a wonderful thing.

This past summer, we also accomplished seamless Office 365 integration with Avaya Communicator for Web. As I recently blogged, because people are living in the “operating system of the future,” the browser, we should be making it all the easier for them to work in an online version of Office 365, which is largely considered to be more effective and streamlined. This has certainly been an exciting development with this product.

Looking ahead, we plan to improve integration with Microsoft’s Skype for Business product line—both on-premise and cloud versions. We will extend the capabilities of Avaya Communicator for Web to more than just today’s leading cloud applications like Google Apps, Office 365 and Salesforce to other SaaS applications such as Zendesk. This is in hopes of supporting numerous working departments to do their jobs more efficiently by enabling authentic, seamless team engagement. In other words, being able to communicate via any platform, using any Internet-connected device, anytime.

Don’t go anywhere yet—there will be more product spotlights to come in this series, so be sure to check back in soon.

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