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Not Surprisingly, Cloud Computing Expected to Lead IT Spending for 2015

Posted by Diane Lai on Fri, Jan 16, 2015

The cloud computing market has been experiencing explosive growth. As a matter of fact, Gartner expects the cloud to represent the bulk of IT spending by 2016. It comes as no surprise, then, that cloud was listed cloud-computingas an anticipated top 2015 IT expenditure by respondents to an annual forecast survey commissioned by Computerworld.

According to the survey, IT spending as a whole is expected to increase in the coming year. Approximately 43 percent of the IT execs polled say they expect their budgets to increase, compared to the 36 percent who said the same last year.

For cloud computing specifically, over 40 percent of respondents said their organizations will spend more on software as a service and a mix of public, private and hybrid solutions next year. This anticipated cloud spending is being driven by business owners looking to make mobile, social, customer-facing and collaboration technologies a greater part of their 2015 operations. These technologies can include everything from file storing programs like Dropbox to document sharing apps such as Web-based Google Docs to videoconferencing tools like Google Hangouts.

The bottom line is that cloud computing is revolutionizing the face of IT as we know it, taking it from a world of servers and switches to one crucial reliable Internet connection. One CIO surveyed, for example, said he wants to be the “IT guy who’s out of the IT business.”

“I don’t have to have servers, and [employees can] bring whatever computer they have or I’ll just buy them a Chromebook,” the respondent said. “We can connect to a virtual desktop that’s always ready, clean, updated and secure—and all I have to worry about is my Internet connection.” 

It’s more than clear that the cloud has been transformed into a defining computing model that businesses must keep up with to stay viable. It’s not a matter of if companies will transition to the cloud to drive core business processes and support customers, but when.

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