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Know Your Options: End of Sale Product Replacement for Avaya CallPilot

Posted by David Ballins on Mon, Nov 02, 2015

If you’ve been keeping up with us on Esna’s blog, you’ll know that we have been covering the topic of end of life product strategies as of late. I have been contributing to this conversation often myself. For instance, last month I wrote about the damage that end of life products can have on businesses looking to acquire and retain millennial employees. Fifty-three percent of hiring managers say they have difficulty doing so, and that number is likely to grow for businesses that still manage end of life solutions, which are less than enticing for meeting the needs of millennials today.

Millennial retention is just one of many reasons why businesses should be prepared with an end of sale or end of life product replacement strategy. Overall, it’s critical that CIOs and other enterprise decision makers know their options when it comes to replacing existing end of life systems. For example, consider unified messaging system Avaya CallPilot; Avaya released an end of sale notice for the system this summer stating that as of June 30, 2015 it would no longer be selling the messaging system or making it commercially available.

 With CallPilot now end of sale, many businesses are actively seeking to migrate to a solution that can seamlessly replace CallPilot yet still support their fundamental messaging needs such as fax, telephony and email. For businesses looking for a way to efficiently yet cost-effectively do so, Esna Officelinx Messaging can be ideal.

Officelinx Messaging, Esna’s enterprise-class unified messaging platform, grants users access to their voice messages and incoming faxes right from their email, without ever having to leave their inbox. The solution is ideal for organizations that want to seamlessly and natively integrate with Nortel phone systems (and even TDM switches) as well as support core messaging capabilities like fax, voice messaging and email.

Keep in mind that Officelinx Messaging is not a complete replacement for Avaya CallPilot; rather, the solution only supports the core messaging elements of the former system. However, the solution can represent an ideal product replacement for organizations that want to accomplish any of the below objectives:

  • Seamlessly integrate into existing Nortel platform frameworks without having to do a complete rip and replace of existing hardware. 
  • Achieve backwards and forwards compatibility with existing legacy TDM and SIP offerings.
  • Massively scale your solution in order to handle large deployments

When you replace CallPilot with Officelinx Messaging, the latter not only becomes your new voicemail system but also the gateway or bridge to the rest of your calling systems. Furthermore, all preferred Nortel features become hosted within the cloud; in other words, users can enjoy a seamless migration away from a limited hardware solution to a SaaS solution that supports widely used cloud-based business applications such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Jive and Salesforce.

Interested in learning more or have any further questions? Click here to find out more about Officelinx Messaging and to request a live demo.

Topics: unified messaging, Avaya, voicemail, Nortel, CallPilot

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