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Google Gets Collaborative With New Chromebox for Meetings Solution

Posted by Diane Lai on Tue, Mar 04, 2014

For more than a decade, companies have been slowly but surely stripping away the silos among their technologies to embrace a more unified and cohesive approach to business management. It’s no coincidence that over the last decade converged collaboration systems like unified communications (UC)—which boasts the power of presence, social, mobile and video conferencing, among many others—and cloud computing have risen to major acclaim. In fact, Gartner predicts that the collaboration market will reach $21 billion by 2018 with major drivers of this growth being mobile, social and cloud.

As if it comes as any sort of shocker, technologies like these that help improve a silo-like IT approach are having a direct and positive effect on companies’ bottom lines. This certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the world’s most renowned brands—including Google. 

We all know that a vital component of great collaboration is being able to communicate face to face without having to get everyone in the same room—something that videoconferencing accomplishes quite well. Perhaps this is why Google was so quick to jump into the video conferencing game with its all-new Chromebox for Meetings solution. 

This cloud-based service leverages Google+ Hangouts as its foundation and users must have a Gmail or chrome-mtg-in-a-box-screen

Google+ account to log in. Remote users simply need to log in via their own computer or smart device using Google+ Hangouts. Perhaps most interesting is that the solution is being offered at a cool $999 including the first year’s $250 management and support fee.

Seeing how the global enterprise video conferencing and telepresence market totaled $735 million by mid-2013 and that almost 90 percent of enterprises have plans to add video conferencing to their UC suite by August of 2014, it only seems natural that Google would want to invest. The company’s latest innovation is without question a major attempt to nab a big slice of the collaboration pie. 

chrome-mtg-in-a-box-hardwareToday, we’re seeing these technological developments and trends spill over into the way that internal teams work together as well as individually. Now more than ever, businesses are stripping away their siloed approaches to achieve bigger and better goals. Departments that historically acted alone are now working in concert with each other to complete a wide array of unique and demanding projects. And thanks to collaboration technologies like video conferencing, they’re able to do so more efficiently.




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