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Esna Seamlessly Integrates Google+ Hangouts in Cloud Apps

Posted by Bryan Dingwall on Wed, Apr 30, 2014

Have you ever received an emailed question from a customer or colleague and realized that typing out the answer was going to take just WAY too long?  Wouldn’t it be easier if you could have a quick face-to-face video meeting to answer the question, field any follow-ons in real-time, and move on with your day?

We so hear you. That’s why we’re taking advantage of the updated Hangouts launch widget which Google announced today and added the capability to start a Google+ Hangout from anywhere through Esna.

There’s no doubt that video meetings can dramatically shorten the time it takes to explain the details of something, and it has the added benefit of strengthening relationships with internal colleagues and team members, as well as customers and partners you may not get to see frequently in person. The speed with which you can answer questions, the quality of the interactions and ability to work more effectively as a team are essential to competing in today’s global market. Sometimes, video is just a better way.

I’m sure you, like many busy professionals, spend your day in the core applications you need to get your work done: email, perhaps a CRM app, or even purpose-built, browser-based tools. Esna believes that you should be able to use video communications naturally, quickly and easily from any of those applications—just as easily as you would pick up the phone.

With that goal in mind, we’ve leveraged the Google+ Hangouts APIs to embed a “Start a Hangout” button across our product suite. With Esna Officelinx™, Esna iLink for Cisco™ and Esna iLink Pro™ – and from within Google Docs – you now have the option to start a Hangout with just one click.

Some examples of how this works in cloud apps are in order.

Let’s say while I was away from my desk I got a voice message from a customer, showing in my unified inbox. It would look like this:

Esna integrates Google+ Hangouts in Cloud Apps - Transcribed Voicemail Message

I decide that it would really be faster to talk with him face-to-face than try to write a reply. In the actionable email, there is a “Start a Hangout” button.  One click and I’m on my way to resolving this issue, fast.

Esna integrates Google+ Hangouts in Cloud Apps - voicemail to video call


Maybe later I’m working in Salesforce and need to quickly touch base with my team about one of our customers. I can see their availability and start a Hangout without the need to log out of Salesforce or log into Google+.



Esna integrates Google+ Hangouts in Cloud Apps - calls logged in Salesforce

Making Hangouts this accessible and convenient—and embedding them in the apps you use every day—make video a natural, highly effective way to collaborate. That said, I recognize that video, while a powerful communication form, may not always be a better choice than phone or email. But shouldn’t we always have the option?

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