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What’s the True Value of Communication-enabled Business Process?

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, Nov 20, 2013

Esna is all about communications solutions that get work done. It’s really that simple, and that’s why we’re so interested in communication-enabled business process, or CEBP. CEBP isThe True Value of Communication-enabled Business Process a concept that is revolutionizing the way teams – including our own – conduct business and, of course, communicate.

As explained in a previous post, CEBP integrates communication capabilities into software-enabled business procedures or applications. This enables communication between applications, as well as between applications and humans, to better automate business processes, reduce human latency and to foster a more native user experience.
Businesses should be able to communicate in whichever way they prefer, and CEBP supports it all. But what would CEBP look like in a real-life business scenario? Let’s take a look at some possible outcomes afforded by CEBP technology.


When a salesperson closes the deal, the job is usually done; however, CEBP walks sales teams through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring that the sales process is fully baked and properly brought to completion. For instance, by leveraging the applications that sales teams are already working within, they can be easily involved in the orientation or set-up for new clients during the post-contract phase. Or, when a deal is signed, the salesperson can mark it in Salesforce, which allows those in charge of account management to act on the signed deal in near real-time.


Lacey learns last minute that she needs to request time off, but in order to do so, she needs to contact her HR department as soon as possible (taking time off usually requires a two week advance notice). She is faced with one of two options: she can open up a new system and chat with her manager, or she can leverage the application that she is currently using to talk directly to her company’s HR rep. With the latter option, the chat is immediately related to the requisition and it is approved in real-time. CEBP enables Lacy to proactively address the situation, and now she can enjoy that last minute family outing.

Creative Process

Every team should be able to collaborate creatively without a hitch. Specialists from different geographical locations are constantly collaborating on campaigns; for instance, one team may be trying to collaborate on a plan to help generate more sales leads. With CEBP, the team can leverage and utilize input from across every business facet – the client’s Salesforce administrator, the sales operations manager, the marketing team, and the content creators – so that all of these moving parts can cohesively work to accomplish the task at hand. When a milestone is achieved, the team can even receive a text message on next steps.

Product Development

Product development requires heavy collaboration and focus and requires teams to do a lot of homework. It requires competitively comparing prices and identifying gaps that can be bridged to better meet the needs of the customer. Poor development can quickly prevent a product from effectively going to market; however, CEBP protects companies from these potential failures by enabling them to garner feedback from trial runs or tests quicker than ever before. In doing so, the technology helps eliminate previously lengthy communication processes so that development teams can receive the vital insight they need faster.


Esna is built on the foundation of being able to communicate anywhere and at anytime. Whether it is right from the applications you use every day, from anywhere on the Web via the cloud or through the device of your choice – at the end of the day, communication is held on the user’s terms. That’s what CEBP is all about, as it leverages users’ existing unified communications capabilities to provide a continuous, high-quality, real-time communication experience.


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