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EOY is Coming ... Stop Worrying and Start Collaborating for Success

Posted by Davide Petramala on Wed, Oct 23, 2013

What the Average Sales Manager is Thinking Right Now

The average sales manager is thinking about a lot right now. If you’re a sales manager yourself, then you’re all too familiar with the feeling of striving to lead a team through the ever-competitive, time-crunching fourth quarter. There’s obviously a lot going through your head right now, and it’s okay to admit that you may be lacking a concrete game plan. 

If you’re thinking any of the below thoughts or asking yourself any of the below questions, first know that you’re not alone. Second – and more importantly – know that there’s a solution to each concern.


“I need to avoid end-of-year difficulties.”

Every sales team has fallen victim to a particularly cruel fourth-quarter. This year, you needEOY is Coming ... Stop Worrying and Start Collaborating for Success  |   Better Collaboration on to ensure that your sales team is a shining star. You may think that you have plenty of time to hit your numbers, but at the same time, you know that big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas – respectively – remove about a week each from the time your team has to close deals. At the end of the day, time is not one piece of fat that needs to be trimmed off of your sales team’s turkey.


“What deals should I be pushing my team to close right now?”

Perhaps you’re thinking of focusing on only those deals that you feel most confidently about closing right now. Or, maybe you’re focusing on cultivating leads as your team approaches the turn of a new year. Remember that the former attitude is far from healthy; it’s like putting your sales team on a diet that requires starvation. Try to find a happy and healthy middle ground between these two options: take a look at every prospect you have coming down the pike and, as much as you may absolutely hate it, move those deals that you do not foresee closing anytime soon over to the next year. The plus side of this situation is that the “next year” will be only a few short weeks away, if even that.


“I need to better motivate my team.”

Thirty-nine percent of workers say they don’t feel appreciated, and 50 percent fewer salespeople are motivated solely by money verses five years ago, according to data from

An even more important lesson from this data is that 70 percent of sales reps leave a company due to a poor relationship with their manager.

It’s no wonder that thoughts of motivating your team are sticking to the forefront of your mind. Motivation is sorely needed in the sales environment – from the salesman who’s lagging behind to the superstar who tackles every single target that’s in his way. To kick off your team’s motivation levels, try positively stressing the importance of cultivating and displaying the common traits of your top performers. Salesforce lists a few as being:

  • assertiveness
  • self-awareness
  • empathy
  • problem-solving
  • and optimism.

“What can I do different for the New Year?”

Everyone makes a New Year’s resolution – even sales managers. Allow this simple question to open the floodgates for true inspiration and incentive in the coming year. To further improve your sales team next year, consider what you yourself can improve upon. The sales environment is seeing some ripple effects, including how members of your sales team are inspired to learn and grow. If you’re at a loss, start with the basics: training, coaching, setting an example and avoiding micro-managing.

If you’re ready to take your sales team to the next level (and lay these burdensome thoughts to an eternal rest), then it may be time to start considering collaboration technology. To start, take a look at the proverbial collaborative technology Esna brings to the table – from cloud-enabled UC platforms to mobile-integrated plans to presence technology – and see where it can take you. Click here to connect with us. 


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