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It’s Time for Sales Teams to #GetThingsDone

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, Sep 25, 2013

If you go on Twitter right now and search the hashtag #GetThingsDone, you’ll see a slew ofTwitter users talking about how they love getting things done more quickly. From ditching the snooze button to working on weekends to avoid drowning in a sea of work Monday morning to creating more thorough “to-do” lists, it seems individuals everywhere understand that getting things done faster adds more value.

These tweets reflect the personal standards and expectations of consumers. And with your sales team selling to people embracing this behavior, this needs to remain top of mind. After all, if your consumers are constantly working to accelerate their schedules and get more done in less than time, then they are going to expect the same from your company.

As a sales manager, you’re trying to get your team from point A to point B as rapidly as humanly possible. But, between prospecting, problem-solving and administrative tasks, time that should be spent actively selling begins to dwindle. The tides need to turn. So, how can you #GetThingsDone faster?

Collaborate With Your Marketing Team

The toughest part of sales for many is not reaching a prospect, but getting in touch with the decision maker—or the person who can affect change—of the company. This is where

There is never enough time, but technology and communications solutions are available to help sales teams be more productive

 establishing better alignment between your sales and marketing team can lead to time management magic.

Aligning your sales team with the marketing department can lead to an average of 20 percent more in annual revenue growth, according to according to HubSpot. Even more, 25 percent of marketers who adopt mature lead management processes report that sales teams contact prospects within one day; meanwhile, only 10 percent of marketers report the same follow-up time without mature lead management processes.

Use Collaborative Technology to Get the Job Done

We are sure you are wondering what “mature lead management processes” entails.  Here’s a glimpse of technologies that can enable such processes:

Chrome Browser Extension: Technology that extends your Chrome browser provides access to such things as Cisco Jabber voice and video communications, presence, instant messaging (IM), voice messaging, click-to-call and geo-location mapping from any cloud application or Web page in Chrome browser and/or Chromebook.

It’s true that salespeople need to be very persistent in following up with prospects, but they shouldn’t have to spend copious amounts of time researching contact information. With a Chrome browser extension, a sales person can see when a marketer is available to talk about contact information, the qualification of leads and more – all with just the click of a button.

UC Call Control Capabilities: Unified communications (UC) technology, like call control, enables you and your sales team to collaborate in real-time from any Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. The technology seamlessly integrates smartphones with your company’s phone system or PBX, so that incoming calls can simultaneously or sequentially ring a team member’s extension and mobile device.

Marketers are oftentimes on the road, but that doesn’t mean your sales team can idly sit by while they’re gone. With UC call capabilities, your team can stay constantly connected, getting information needed to keep the sales cycle moving as quickly as possible. And, if for any reason a salesperson or a client has to run out of the office while on a call, the call can be seamlessly moved between different devices without any interruption thanks to Fixed-to-Mobile Convergence (FMC).

Your customers aren’t going to wait for your sales team to step up its game. At the end of the day, productive, collaborative business means greater profit; meanwhile, slow business means slow sales. It is possible to surpass time-related problems, but only when equipped with the right technology. This is only a sampling of the collaborative technology available that help sales teams #GetThingsDone.

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