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Cost Savings Case Study Around Cisco and Google’s UC&C Solutions

Posted by Riordan Maynard on Tue, Aug 27, 2013

This article was composed by our Partner Riordan Maynard, the CEO of Touchbase. At the end of this article you will have the opportuntity to download Touchbase's case study supporting real cost savings with Cisco and Google Unified Communications and Collaboration. 


As the CEO of a company that partners with two of the largest technology innovators in the world, Cisco and Google, I find myself constantly preaching about how significant the potential return from the right investment in Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC) technology can be. If you have heard it all before then I apologize, but this is an area where Touchbase is extremely focused, and where we continue to find amazing value for our clients.Touchbase Case Study Cost Saving with Cisco and Google resized 600

Those of you who have read our articles before will know that Touchbase is putting a great deal of time and money into its UC Transformation Program. This program is fairly wide ranging and involves us looking at a client’s current situation around UC & Networking and then comparing it to our Best Practice model based on Cisco and Google’s Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions.

The comparison allows us to go back to our client and give them a very accurate understanding of what the financial, operational, technical and user benefits of moving to a modern UC architecture would be. For companies that want to look at the whole picture around UC and need to justify the very significant investment required, this is absolutely the best way to approach it. The outcome is always considerable and surprising with reductions of at least 50% to your current operating costs and the complete transformation of the user experience being consistently achieved.

Organizations who are already heavily invested in new UC technology, or who do not have the appetite to look at the whole picture, should still be looking at specific initiatives which can save money or improve the user experience. A perfect example of that can be downloaded in our simple, easy to read, Cost Savings study.


Our client in the study, was conscious that years of high growth meant that their users were not being provided with the most up to date and valuable communications tools, and that their costs were probably out of line with where they should be. Touchbase was engaged to help Reduce Operating Costs, Transform the Users Communications Experience, and Simplify their Technology Environment. To achieve this Touchbase used its UC Transformation Program which is designed specifically to help organizations with these objectives in a quick and cost effective manner. The engagement identified several areas where hyper growth had driven inefficiency in spend, technology, operations and the actual experience to their end users.

Touchbase recommended 8 initiatives to drive out $14.5m of existing cost per annum, move to one virtualized central UC Platform, and deliver all communications tools to every user within a single user interface - all accessible from any device, anywhere.

All companies should be interested in how they can deliver better communications tools to their people. Better tools will lead to higher productivity and happier customers. The challenge always is where to find the money to afford the tools. In every single engagement, Touchbase has found significant operational expense reduction, which can then be used to invest in the newer technology required to deliver better communications tools.

For more information, make sure to download our Cost Savings Report in order to help your company Reduce Operating Costs, Transform the User Experience, and Simplify Technology.


Learn more about Touchbase:

Touchbase works with its clients to meet their needs from a Unified Communications, Collaboration and Contact Center perspective. Our engagement with clients varies from delivering large scale, global and fully managed transition programs, to helping them with a small problem on their existing systems anywhere in the world. We view every engagement with a client, big or small, to be valuable in extending the relationship we have with them and proving our value. 

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