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Elevating the Awareness of Collaboration for Sales Teams – Part 2

Posted by Lee Ho on Tue, Aug 20, 2013

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As a sales manager, you may feel like you’re balancing a bunch of spinning plates. Not only are you responsible for overseeing a team of sales professionals, but you’re ultimately entrusted with preserving the life force of your company. It’s only understandable that sometimes (okay, more than sometimes) it may feel like those plates are about to crashElevating the Awareness of Collaboration for Sales Teams – Part 2 onto the ground.

Also, understandably, you’re witnessing the widespread journey of the traditional sales world as it cruises into the sunset of infinite possibilities. Of course, you want to pack a punch when it comes to your sales process, but there are a number of challenges that keep you feeling like you’re stranded.

Whether you’re having trouble connecting with leads, are in a communication crisis or need a better way to train new and existing hires, integrating collaboration technology has been proven to transform the overall sales process. See for yourself how you can leverage the power of collaborative and unified technology to surpass your sales goals.

  1. Collaborating on a Proposal

    Today, sales teams have no choice but to do more with less time; however, that doesn’t mean that you can sacrifice the need to collaborate on stronger sales proposals. To keep communication as smoothly flowing as the sales you’re bringing in, you can leverage Google Docs to share and collaborate on important documents in one central location. 

    With easy accessibility, every member of your team can edit and provide feedback as necessary – anytime, anywhere and with just the click of a few buttons. Did your company website recently get a makeover? Engage your sales team in co-browsing, where you can navigate them through every important change that could affect their sales strategy.  

  1. Support Your Remote Sales Team

    Successful sales mean always hitting numbers, and to consistently hit numbers, you need to build the strongest team. This, of course, boils down to finding the right talent. There’s no way you can idly sit by while capable hires – hires that could significantly boost the performance of your sales team – exist. 

    In a recent study conducted by Skype, it was found that 62 percent of companies currently allow their employees to work remotely, and 56 percent of the decision-makers at those companies think working remotely is more productive. This, of course, should also include the sales team. Why? You can guarantee a team of top performing, seasoned sales reps by leveraging video conferencing, having weekly meetings or important sessions to collaborate and share information in real-time. The location of the employee loses importance and is instead replaced with a sharp focus on talent.  It’s time to decentralize your sales team. Collaborative technology can help you do this.

  1. Sealing the Deal

    Getting a deal done is perhaps the hardest – yet most fulfilling – aspect of working in sales. However, too many sales are left dead due to a lack of nurturing leads. In fact, 79 percent of marketing leads never convert into sales. If you’re feeling the sting of watching leads pass by, consider if your leads are sales-ready (research shows that 73 percent of all leads are actually not).Conversely, 90 percent of buyers say that when they’re ready to buy, they will contact the company. 

    Make this process simple for your customers so that when they’re ready, they can easily find you via services like live chat and social media. Research shows that one in five customers prefer online chat over any other form of communication, and 78 percent of sales people used social media to outsell or outperform their competition in 2012. Try attracting leads in a way that makes the customer feel comfortable rather than cautious. Then, when the contract is ready for signing, electronic signature software enables you to send, sign, track and file contracts securely.  







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