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Effective Collaboration in the Cloud - The Workspace of Today

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Jun 24, 2013

Effective collaboration isn’t just about putting people in touch with one another. It’s about empowering them to easily share knowledge, ideas and content with one another.  Sometimes it’s a brief chat.  Other times, it could be jointly working on a document or presentation or having a brainstorm session. Better collaboration equals innovation and faster problem solving.  The more easily people can share thoughts and insights, the more likely they will innovate.  

Esna is proud to partner with CDW on their new CDW Cloud Collaboration offering.  CDW Cloud Collaboration is a pivotal tool in achieving efficiency and brings people together while; reducing costs, promoting innovation, problem-solving, impacting customer service and employee job satisfaction.CDW Cloud Collaboration leverages Unified Communications to provide your staff the ability to seamlessly collaborate—whether by VoIP, conferencing, IM, file sharing or blogs.

CDW Cloud Collaboration uses the power of the cloud to effectively deliver collaboration applications to your staff. CDW Cloud Collaboration leverages Esna Cloudlink to integrate Cisco unified communications and collaboration solutions with cloud applications like Google Apps. The end result is access to the tools you need anywhere, anytime, on any device.

With cloud based unified communications and collaboration you get the same features as you’d expect from an on-prem solution, but with the flexibility that frees up your IT staff to work on other initiatives. Cloud-based video conferencing, voice, presence and unified communications are the solutions to your organization’s growing collaboration needs.

Delivered on a virtualized architecture, CDW Cloud Collaboration enables you to support collaboration services without compromising security, flexibility, management or application functionality. It also allows you to fund your collaboration as an operating expense instead of a capital expense.  And with access to industry-leading technology like Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions and Esna Cloudlink, the CDW Cloud Collaboration has just what you need to make the transition to a cloud based solution.  Integration and cloud services around your contact center, CRM, and web based email platforms are all just a few of the features that the CDW Cloud platform can integrate into.

Learn more about CDW Cloud Collaboration

Learn more about Esna Cloudlink


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