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Texting, Smartphones, Tablets — BYOD is here.

Posted by Davide Petramala on Fri, Jun 14, 2013

Consumer communications meets business communications in a mobile world

People communicate for work anywhere, anytime, from any device. Despite these undeniable changes in business behavior, a majority of companies haven’t optimized their communications infrastructure for mobile workforces or BYOD. The desire to use the same devices we use at home to do our work is widespread.

Consumer communications meets business communications:  BYOD
  • People fundamentally want to work together to get their work done, achieve fulfillment and create value
  • This is not a new trend, increasingly people are using their personal devices in their work environment
  • Forrester (a US-based analyst firm) identified that 53% of employees are using some form of consumer technology to get their work done
  • According to Gartner—by 2017, more than half of companies will require their employees to supply their own devices on the job
  • Gartner said, mid-sized companies of $500 million to $5 billion in sales and 2,500 to 5,000 employees are most likely to be using a BYOD approach
  • 38% of companies expect to stop supplying employees with devices entirely by 2016

Trends driving mobility and behavior changes in the work place

  • 1 in 3 college graduates and young professionals would accept a lower-paying job if it offered more flexibility with device choice, social media access and mobility.
  • 98% of Americans own a mobile device, 40% of these are smartphones (sub with regional data - source: Google mobile blog 2012)
  • 95% of Americans use cloud services in their consumer lives (sub with regional data - source: Wakefield Citrix Cloud Survey 2012)
  • US users spent 121 billion minutes—230k years on social media in a single month (source: Nielsen Social Media Report 2012, cited in NBC News)

How a cloud communications solution is addressing challenges businesses face in the new work world

  • 77% of businesses and IT leaders say their companies are currently using social collaboration technologies
  • 82% of businesses currently using social collaboration tools want to use more of them in the future
  • 66% —make jobs more enjoyable
  • 62% —improved productivity
  • 57% —gets work done faster

IT and Businesses decision makers both believe emplyees were …

  • Able to generate ideas collaboratively —47%
  • More easily collaborate with their external customers, partners and vendors —47%
  • Better able to engage with peers —41%
Unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) drive BYOD.  What is UC&C?

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