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Migrating to the Google Cloud with Cloud Sherpas

Posted by Jeff Miller on Wed, Jun 05, 2013

If your organization is migrating to the cloud, you’re already well aware of the benefits that can result from this move. In general, the cloud provides businesses with more mobility and better collaboration tools than legacy systems. Specifically, Google Apps has proven an ideal cloud solution for businesses as it offers complete universal access, unmatched collaboration tools, a scalable platform and more, all with one of the most dependable uptime guarantees of any cloud service.

On their own, the cloud and Google Apps are poised to benefit any business, but there’s actually a way that your organization can add even more value to its Google Apps investment. Migrating to the Google cloud with the help of a cloud services brokerage, like Cloud Sherpas, can significantly enhance the benefits that your business realizes from adopting a cloud solution like Google Apps.

Migrating to Google Apps with the help of a partner like Cloud Sherpas means an easier and smoother transition.

Named the Google Enterprise Partner of the Year in 2011 and 2012, Cloud Sherpas has extensive experience helping organizations of all sizes adopt, manage and enhance Google Apps. Cloud Sherpas’ services cover everything from cloud strategy and planning and email and data migration to training and change management and ongoing support and customization. These comprehensive service offerings ensure that Cloud Sherpas remains a valuable cloud partner for your business even after your migration is complete.

Migrating to Google Apps with the help of a partner like Cloud Sherpas means an easier and smoother transition. Cloud Sherpas adds value from the start, helping your organization to properly plan for the migration and create a cloud strategy to help you get the most out of your solution. During the actual migration process, Cloud Sherpas’ rich experience ensures that the migration runs smoothly and that any complex issues are handled correctly. Having a partner during this period allows your organization to continue to focus on your actual business, not the technology that powers it.

Even after your cloud migration is complete, a partner like Cloud Sherpas continues to add value to your investment by conducting training and change management sessions to ensure that your end-users are comfortable with the new system. This is extremely important because proper training increases user adoption.

Finally, using a cloud services brokerage like Cloud Sherpas ensures that you have a partner to help with your continuing needs. Cloud Sherpas helps organizations continue to manage their cloud solutions and even enhance these solutions to better suit their business’ unique needs. A major benefit of the Google cloud platform is its scalability and allowance for customization, and Cloud Sherpas is positioned to help your organization capitalize on these benefits. In addition to helping business’ adopt and manage Google Apps, Cloud Sherpas also helps organizations enhance the solution through the creation of custom intranets, applications and more.

In general, migrating to the cloud and, more specifically, to Google Apps is an extremely valuable investment that can provide many benefits to your organization. However, there is a simple way to add even more value to your business. By migrating to the cloud with the help of a cloud services brokerage like Cloud Sherpas, you gain an experienced, trusted partner who can help your business get the most out of its cloud investment every step of the way - even long after your migration is complete. Learn more about how you can take advantage of Cloud Sherpas Google Apps deployment services. 


About the Author

Jeff Miller, Vice President of Cloud Migrations

Jeff has served as the Engagement Director on all of Cloud Sherpas largest and most strategic accounts including Office Depot, Posco, Campus Crusades, and Shaw Industries.  He has worked extensively with the Google Deployment team to development the best practices around migration methodologies across all legacy platforms.   Jeff has over 18 years experience delivering complex technology solutions for customers in a wide variety of environments.    Prior to joining Cloud Sherpas, Jeff managed the messaging environment at Coca-Cola, which supported over 30,000 users in 6 countries.

Topics: Google Apps, change management

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