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Why Unified Communication & Collaboration Matters, Part I

Posted by Lee Ho on Thu, Apr 04, 2013

Communications is a key factor in conducting business effectively.  Any tweaks to streamline communication services produces positive results in efficiency across the organization.  When people can get quick answers from one another and avoid playing phone tag – productivity increases.

Imagine knowing when someone is available.  

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) improves communications within an organization and with the outside world equaling more responsive service.  This responsiveness empowers organizations to provide faster more accurate service without increasing staffing.

Better collaboration equals innovation and faster problem solving.  The more easily people can share thoughts and insights, the more likely they will innovate.  UC&C brings people together while promoting innovation and creative problem-solving.  Why Unified Communication & Collaboration, Part I

The efficiency that UC&C brings to any organization results in measurable quantifiable cost savings.  UC&C reduces travel expenses, telecom bills, and IT administrative costs.

Improving business communication means understanding the trends driving profitability and growth. One of the biggest drivers is a more virtual, distributed, mobile workforce that is global.  Naturally this trend creates major inefficiencies for communications. For example:

  • projects are delayed because of the inability to reach mobile and remote colleagues
  • dispersed work-groups are unable to communicate spontaneously
  • the lack of visibility into colleague availability
  • the inability to quickly locate critical decision makers
  • scheduling concerns for collaborative work sessions

Unified Communications & Collaboration software allows workers to:

  • see the presence/status of an individual in real-time
  • receive voice and fax messages in an email
  • make phone calls from a laptop
  • transfer calls between a smartphone and land line
  • keep messages accessible anytime, anywhere, from a variety of devices
  • use voice-activating commands to access calling and conferencing capabilities
  • view calendars and schedule appointments without playing phone tag
  • read voice mail anywhere, anytime with speech-to-text capabilities

Simply put, unified communications and collaboration increases efficiency, improves customer intimacy, and speed time-to-resolution for both customer and employee problem-solving. It also offers a cost-effective way to more directly connect the company to its customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

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