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What’s Driving the Need for Unified Communication and Collaboration?

Posted by Lee Ho on Thu, Mar 28, 2013

The global workplace is a rapidly changing environment.  There are several trends occurring now that makes Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) technology nearly indispensable. These trends include;

  1. Social networking

  2. Increasing use of video

  3. Virtualized organizationsSocial Media, BYOD, Virtualized Organizations, Increasing Use of Video, and Generation Z are all driving the need for unified communications and collaboration.

  4. Smartphone adoption

  5. Generation Z

Social networking: The rise of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media has led people to become increasingly accustomed to interacting with one another in real and near-real time via web-based interfaces. It simply makes sense to be able to chat with colleagues in a similar manner to interacting with friends, family and an ever growing global community.  

Increasing use of video: Built-in webcams come standard on equipment ranging from desktop systems and notebooks to tablets and smartphones. A closely tied trend is that services such as Skype have made online video conferencing commonplace.

The virtualized organization: To expand capabilities without committing to the hiring of additional full-time staff members, organizations increasingly are expanding their use of contractors and other external partners. UC can play a powerful role in ensuring that these organizational “outsiders” can function seamlessly as “insiders” by including them in the organization’s core set of communications.

Smartphone adoption: People are used to being able to do whatever they want with their smartphones (talk, chat, browse the web, send e-mail, shop) regardless of where they happen to be. UC supports this model of anytime, anywhere productivity by extending a common set of communications capabilities to smartphones.

Generation Z: Users entering the workforce are digital natives; these communication tools are ubiquitous in their lives. The implementation of UC allows an organization to harness the technological savvy of its youngest workers to increase organizational productivity.

In my next series of blog posts I’ll explore why unified communication and collaboration matters and the benefits a UC&C strategy can bring to the enterprise.

Tell us why UC&C is important to your organization?

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