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IT Can Deliver More in Google Apps with Unified Communications

Posted by Lee Ho on Tue, Jan 29, 2013

Most businesses would agree that communications is the single most important aspect of conducting business effectively. Any positive tweaks of streamlining communication services produces positive results in efficiency across the enterprise. Think of the countless different communication platforms from email, voice, chat, video conference, fax and many more. Imagine merging all these platforms into a single management interface and integrating them utilizing current business phone systems. As many enterprises update their traditional PBX systems, Unified Communication is the natural evolution to meet the demands of an ever changing workplace.

When voice, chat, email IM and web collaboration can work together, it provides the best possible communications experience for customers, partners, employees and suppliers. IT can now make better use of resources, lower operating costs by consolidating telephony applications, messaging technology and customer databases into an efficient unified system.


  1. Reduced travel, communication, and IT management costs
  2. Increased productivity — employees can be just as efficient on the road as in the office
  3. Better, faster service without increased staffing levels
  4. Increased collaboration among employees, customers, partners and prospects
  5. Better innovation and problem solving

Why Esna?

why esna

Live communication services directly inside Google Apps

Intelligently route calls to users through calendar and location awareness

Ubiquitous access to critical communications on tablets and smartphones

Reduce costs and improve ability to support remote and mobile workers.
Leverage and integrate with existing IT/communication investments

Let Esna help you build your unified communications adoption plan. Contact Esna today!

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