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Windows Server 2003 Becoming End of Life, Part 2—Four Questions to Ask for System Replacement

Posted by Ron Gill on Tue, Nov 10, 2015

In Part 1 of this series I blogged about the importance of business owners keeping a finger on the pulse of Windows Server 2003, which has emerged as one of this year’s largest security threats since becoming end of life. Although business owners understand that the server’s end of life status poses a security threat to their organizations, there may be a number of applications still running on the system that they are unaware of. The consequences of having applications run on the server while it is not receiving regular security updates can include massive workflow complications, system breaches and lost revenue.

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Topics: voicemail, Windows 2003, officelinx

Windows Server 2003 Becoming End of Life, Part 1—Top Security Considerations

Posted by Ron Gill on Fri, Sep 25, 2015

Business owners are generally aware that Windows Server 2003 has reached end of life—that is, the product is no longer being produced, marketed or supported by Microsoft. Some of these business owners, however, lack visibility into exactly which of their business applications are still running on this expired server, which can pose serious security threats to their organizations. In fact, the platform is being touted by multiple publications as the “biggest security threat in 2015.”

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Topics: Microsoft Office, Security

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