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60 Percent of Companies Lack a Collaboration Strategy: Introducing Esna iLink—Part 1

Posted by Diane Lai on Thu, Jan 30, 2014

Collaboration technology is the future of the cutting-edge, 21st century enterprise. In fact, in a study commissioned by Blue Consulting Group, 90 percent of top executives said that their organization has potential to “significantly improve knowledge and information sharing,” including communication and collaboration.  

These executives might be aware of the fact that they need to improve workplace collaboration; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to. The study further revealed that 60 percent of these execs lack a clear or formal strategy for enhancing communication and collaboration. 

The Esna team knows just how vital a fully-baked collaboration strategy is for ensuring workplace efficiency. You need to have the right tools in place and the right mentality to stay 10 steps ahead in the game. We would know— all but one member of our marketing team works from home offices across multiple time zones. Because of this, we use our own technology for getting things done faster, including one of our favorite and fastest growing product offerings: Esna iLink.

Esna iLink is a collaboration application that extends your Chrome Browser so that you can get more done faster. The technology leverages HTML5 for seamless communication and collaboration without needing to install any desktop software, granting users instant access to real-time communication tools such as voice, video, presence, instant messaging (IM), call control and geo-location sharing right from Chrome. 

There are currently four versions of iLink available for use. In part one of this series, we take a closer look at the first two—iLink for Cisco and iLink for WebEx. 


iLink for Cisco

iLink for Cisco is a Cisco jabber browser extension for presence, IM, voice and video communications (for those who don’t know, jabber is a messaging and presence protocol—an open technology for IM and presence). Cisco Jabber allows users to collaborate anywhere across any device including Android, Windows, MacOS or iOs. Esna iLink for Cisco offers: 

  • Cisco Jabber presence and IM: share and see other members’ statuses and availabilities and communicate-from-salesforce-using-ilink-ciscoshare your location with others.
  • Cisco Jabber voice and video calls: make Jabber voice and video calls from any Chrome Browser. 
  • Cisco unified communications (UC) integrated with Google Apps: For example, you can IM one-on-one or with a group of people.
  • integration: Access Cisco collaboration tools inside Salesforce (i.e. call control, screen pops, click-to-dial and call logs).
Esna iLink for Cisco could be the right fit for you if your company has Jabber or Cisco integration with Salesforce. 


iLink for WebEx

iLink for WebEx is a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to book WebEx meetings right from Google Apps (for those who may not know, Cisco WebEx is a Web conferencing solution that combines file and presentation sharing with voice, HD video and net Meeting Spaces). The solution enables you to meet anywhere with anyone and at anytime. With Esna iLink for WebEx, users can:

  • Schedule WebEx meetings just like any other calendar event webex_google-contact-card-integration
  • Eliminate the need to book meetings on the main WebEx site, as it can be done right from GoogleApps
  • Update WebEx automatically anytime a user changes his or her meeting in Google or even from a smartphone’s calendar
  • Start an instant WebEx meeting right from a contact card or widget  
  • Integrate with Google Hangouts to take people from a Hangout right into a WebEx meeting

There’s no time to waste—you need a comprehensive collaboration strategy, and you need one now. That’s why you won’t want to miss out on part two of this series, where we’ll dig deep into the last two offerings within our iLink suite: iLink Pro and iLink for Jive.



Could your business benefit from using iLink?  Download our guide to "Transform Your Chrome Browser into a Real Time Communications Hub" to find out.  

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