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11 Sunny Enterprise Collaboration Statistics to Welcome Spring

Posted by Diane Lai on Tue, May 20, 2014

Baseball is back, flowers are in bloom and it looks like the groundhog is out of his hole for good—spring is finally in full swing! And that means people are starting to cheer up and communicate, especially at the enterprise level.

 Let’s take a look at these sunny enterprise collaboration stats to help us usher in the fine weather: 


1.  Up to 80 percent of businesses use social collaboration tools for enhancing business processes. (Clinked)   [TWEET THIS STAT]


2.  20 percent: How much social collaboration can improve team efficiency by. (Clinked)  [TWEET THIS STAT] 


3.  1.2 billion users reportedly check into Google+ every month compared to 809 million on Facebook. If you aren’t yet using Google+ for your marketing strategy, now is the time. (iMedia)  [TWEET THIS STAT]


4.  83 percent of companies use social media to achieve a wide array of objectives from bolstering brand awareness to tightening up customer service. Social media is crucial for reaching audiences online and making your company known. (Social Media Today)  [TWEET THIS STAT]


5.  Two new members join LinkedIn every second. Businesses are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to share ideas and collaborate across the enterprise, and it only keeps growing larger with new innovations like LinkedIn’s Dynamic Duo. (LinkedIn)  [TWEET THIS STAT]


6.  20 minutes: The average amount of time a user spends on Facebook every day. How are you leveraging this platform to optimize your company’s internal and external collaboration strategies? (Zephoria)  [TWEET THIS STAT]


7.  50 percent of the global workforce is estimated to be comprised of millenials. This generation has a profoundly different way of communicating, as they prefer direct messaging such as SMS and IM at work. (NEC)  [TWEET THIS STAT]


8.  38 percent of millenials use streaming video, compared to 18 percent of other generations. (NEC) [TWEET THIS STAT]


9. 15 percent of Internet users are now on Pinterest. (Pew)  [TWEET THIS STAT]


10.  67 percent of adults use social media. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just for college kids. Social media has quickly turned into one of the biggest business drivers available, making it especially applicable at the enterprise-level. (Pew)  [TWEET THIS STAT]


11. 51 percent of active Twitter users follow brands on social networks (Edison).  [TWEET THIS STAT] 


It’s time to shake off the seasonal depression and start collaborating more efficiently! Tell us…which of these statistics inspire you to evaluate your company’s collaboration strategy the most?

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