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60 Percent of Companies Lack a Collaboration Strategy: Introducing Esna iLink—Part 2

Posted by Diane Lai on Mon, Feb 03, 2014

Modern day businesses aren’t all working within the same building; in fact, some are lucky if they’re working within the same time zone. From smaller startups to behemoth brands like Netflix, IBM, HP and more, today’s working culture is measured by how great an employee’s work is—not by how many hours are logged. This environment of freedom and responsibility is becoming the standard for many of today’s top performing businesses, and that’s where a collaboration strategy comes into the picture.

The only problem is, the majority of executives don’t know how to take the next step. According to a study by Blue Consulting Group, although 90 percent of top execs said their organization has room to “significantly improve” communication and collaboration, 60 percent have no clear strategy in place for doing so. 

In part one of this series, we discussed iLink for Cisco and iLink for WebEx—two of four offerings within Esna’s suite of iLink products. Now, we take a closer look at the last two solutions: iLink Pro and iLink for Jive.

iLink Pro

With Esna iLink Pro, you can access voice, IM, presence, click-to-call, location sharing and other communication tools from right inside the cloud applications you use on a daily basis (like Google Apps and iLink Pro brings everything to you, fitting into the applications you regularly use so that you don’t have to interrupt your work flow. With iLink Pro, users can:

  • Extend presence management across Web pages: Enjoy a comprehensive outlook of where 60 Percent of Companies Lack a Collaboration Strategy: Introducing Esna iLink—Part 2   |  http://esna.comemployees are and when they last checked in. 
  • Access dynamic instant messaging: Initiate an IM session with anyone worldwide with just the click of a button.
  • Make voice calls and listen to voicemail in Chrome: You’ll never have to exit out of an app to listen to that important voicemail or to make that last minute call.
  • Manage timeline and activity on the fly: Things happen; when they do, you can ensure that you’re one step ahead by working within your native application environment. 
  • Communicate and collaborate across different Web pages: Whether it’s meeting a tight deadline, getting a contract signed or polishing up an urgent proposal; iLink Pro enables you to do it faster and more efficiently. 


iLink for Jive

Esna iLink for Jive is an application that transforms Jive (the world’s No. 1 social business collaboration platform) into a one-stop cloud communications shop. Leveraging the power of cloud computing, iLink for Jive allows users access to Esna’s unified messaging and real-time communications solutions—including voicemail management, live calls and presence and availability—from their Jive inbox. 

With Esna iLink for Jive, users can:

  • Integrate Jive with their company’s phone systemilink-for-jive_show-coworkers-presence-on-map
  • Listen/read, delete, save and share voice messages right from their Jive inbox
  • Integrate with both VoIP- and TDM-based solutions
  • See the real-time location of the person that left a message, as well as their availability
  • Connect across multiple PBXs simultaneously 
  • Click to call any phone number on any Web page inside the Chrome Browser
  • Enjoy compatibility with hundreds of SIP- and TDM-based PBX systems
  • Between IM, virtual conferencing, blogging, application sharing, and tracking and measuring activity streams and social accounts, there’s a heck of a lot out there that businesses need to keep tabs on. Don’t let your team be plagued by poorly planned meetings, unproductive time and redundant forms of communication. Esna iLink is the perfect addition to any company’s collaboration strategy or plan. 


Get your company’s collaboration efforts on the fast track—download our complete guide to turning Google Chrome into a communications hub for better collaboration, and better results!  

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