Navigating the HR Ecosystem with Social Business Tools—Part 2

Posted by Lee Ho on Thu, Apr 17, 2014

The human resources (HR) department is in many ways the foundational basis of an organization, and we all know what can happen if even so much as a crack is made in a supporting pillar. Driven by such technologies as cloud computing and unified communications, the evolution of today’s work processes and strategies has posed some notable challenges for HR execs and teams. But social business is here to help overcome them. 

Of course, you can’t nurture a workforce, improve morale or cultivate a long-lasting team of collaborative business leaders without solid on-boarding tactics in place (something discussed in part one of this series). But this is only the beginning. Here’s how your HR team can bring the recruitment process full circle:

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Navigating HR with Unified Communications and Social Tools—Part 1

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Apr 14, 2014

Whereas sales and marketing departments are constantly strapped for time and trying to make deadlines, the human resources (HR) department is tasked with fostering the leadership and culture of the organization as a whole. It’s because of this that HR should be armed with the biggest decision makers and the strongest working strategies possible. But the rapid proliferation of such things as social media, cloud computing and unified communications has thrown some HR teams for a loop. 

As the world becomes increasingly saturated with digital technologies and new-aged working models, those HR teams who still abide by age-old tactics will inevitably fall off the grid. If you feel like your department is on its last leg, consider the many social business tools and strategies at your disposal. As a recent Intec infographic shows, social business helps support every stage of the HR ecosystem: attracting, on-boarding, sharing, engaging and fostering. Here’s how your team can get started:

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Bold, Bitter or Brash: Your Business’ Social Collaboration Strategy Represents You

Posted by Lee Ho on Thu, Apr 10, 2014



Mobile apps.

Document sharing.

Geo-location solutions. 

Enterprises are warming up to the idea of a world run by emerging social business tools and strategies but, sometimes, they can fall too deep in the hole. By that, we mean companies can forget about the entire premise of social media in the first place: the fact that customers, brands, colleagues and internal staff are supposed to actually be social

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Concrete Collaboration Numbers Every Business Leader Needs to Know

Posted by Lee Ho on Mon, Apr 07, 2014

Unbelievably, the first quarter of 2014 is over. While this year is going by faster than we’d perhaps like it to, it gives us a chance to assess just where the year is really headed. The world is always in prediction mode; it’s time we awake from our slumber and cast an eye towards the very real numbers being churned out by today’s top industry pundits—the kinds that will help make this year your business’ best ever. 

The team here at Esna has been doing its due diligence to see what’s new in the enterprise collaboration space lately, from technologies being embraced to the biggest challenges facing businesses. Here’s a lineup of our most insightful findings for enterprise collaboration in 2014 that you should consider for your business, too: 

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From Rock Stars to Business Leaders: Collaboration Genius From Musical Experiences

Posted by Diane Lai on Thu, Apr 03, 2014

Collaboration can happen anywhere—including, and oftentimes, outside of corporate walls or the standard conference room. At Esna, we’re all about promoting the message that collaborative working strategies are applicable and advantageous for every industry or vertical and across all teams, no matter how unique or “out there” it may seem. That’s why when we stumbled upon a new report from Forbes, we couldn’t help but dig deeper.

The scene: a late night band rehearsal session. The vibe: growing increasingly tense. Alan Schaefer, lead songwriter for the band Five Star Iris, noticed that tonight’s rehearsal was nothing like the last session the the band had. After the band’s bassist commented that he wasn’t feeling it, Schaefer thought, “That’s frustrating…we were high-fiving leaving rehearsal last time.”

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How to Create a More Collaborative Office Your Employees will Love

Posted by Lee Ho on Wed, Apr 02, 2014

Employees want—and in many cases need—a more collaborative working environment. They might not even know they need it yet, but it's your job as a business leader or decision maker to meet your employees where they are and empower them with the right toolset for getting the job done.

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Smart Collaboration Tech Attracts Today’s Top Performing College Grads

Posted by Lee Ho on Tue, Apr 01, 2014

Each spring, your company has a shot at acquiring some of the nation’s best and brightest new employees. That is, your company has the chance to jump into the pool of recent college graduates, each round more promising and technologically advanced than the last.

The idea of graduating and entering the “real world” certainly brings more anxiety to the hundreds of thousands of college grads who walk each year; however, it should also be bringing a touch of worry to business owners whose companies aren’t up to speed with the technological demand presented by this soon-to-be working group.

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Rely on the Cloud During This Record Cold (and Never-Ending) Winter

Posted by Diane Lai on Mon, Mar 31, 2014

It’s no secret that winter has been particularly unkind this year. The weather forecast in many areas nationwide seems to be “colder, with a chance of spring.” In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s National Climatic Data Center revealed that the 2013-2014 winter season is among the coldest on record for the Midwest, putting cities such as Green Bay, WI, Detroit, and Rockford, IL, in a deep freeze.

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3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need a More Socially-Driven Sales Strategy

Posted by Lee Ho on Sat, Mar 29, 2014

The best thing about enterprise collaboration is that it truly has no limits. Collaboration tools and strategies can be integrated into virtually any business department to yield very real results—from HR to finance to sales.

In regard to the sales team, this department stands to significantly benefit from collaboration—particularly, social media. There are more opportunities than ever for sales to get on board with social collaboration tools and technology if only sales managers would capitalize on the huge potential lying right underneath their nose.

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A chance to connect with Esna in Brighton this week!

Posted by Marketing Department on Fri, Mar 28, 2014

As a leading provider of communication and collaboration solutions for education and business, we thought it would be quite fitting to give our customers the chance to connect with our team at the premier IT event for UK universities and colleges.


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